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Bearizona: A Wildlife Experience and a “Beary” Good Time

It’s time to get wild on your next visit to Kingman, Arizona and Zuni Village RV Park! With a quick jaunt east toward Flagstaff, you can enjoy a 160-acre drive through the picturesque Kaibab National Forest and view North American animals in natural habitats at Bearizona Wildlife Park. Or meander at your leisure on the self-guided walk-through of Fort Bearizona, the magnificent 20-acre walk-through portion of the preserve, and follow winding paths in a more traditional “zoo” setting. Younger visitors will delight in visiting the Bearizona Barnyard, a unique petting zoo experience open from September to May. And if you’re not afraid of the dark, don’t miss the Mine Shaft Experience where you can see the nocturnal animals that go bump in the night. Ready to have some wildly great fun? Read on!

Look for the “Bear” Necessities
Or at least the junction of I-40 and US Hwy 64 on the famous Mother Road. Located in Williams, Arizona, Bearizona is an easy family day trip from Kingman – just under two hours. Operating year-round, the park opens daily at 8:00 AM with the last vehicle admitted at 6:00 PM. The park closes at 7:30 PM, giving visitors plenty of time with all the animals who reside at the preserve. The price of admission ranges from $20-35 per person, depending on visitor’s age and day of the week. Children ages three and under are welcome to enjoy the park for free. You can find specific pricing details on Bearizona’s website here (https://bearizona.com/visit/tickets/). Your ticket does include the Fort Bearizona walk-through as well as the self-guided drive. Most vehicles and RVs can be accommodated and parking is included with the price of admission.

The park’s location affords visitors to experience all four seasons and the varied seasonal behaviors of its residents. Summer visitors will find the average temperature around 80 degrees. Winter visitors will delight in watching the animals cavort under the snow-dusted Ponderosa pines. It’s a completely different, but always enjoyable, experience no matter which time of the year you choose to visit.

A Bear Hug for Mother Nature
Bears aren’t the only species that benefit from Bearizona’s mission “to promote conservation and preservation through memorable and educational encounters with North American Wildlife in a natural environment.” The preserve, which is a member of the Zoological Association of America and the American Association of Zoo Keepers provides a safe environment for the American black bear, but also the African crested porcupine, the Argentinian white and black tegu, jaguars, Burmese pythons, the big-eared Fennec fox, and many more. You can even spy a reindeer or two among the pines. Many of the animals who live at the park are rescued or rehabilitated animals. After they are nurtured back to health, efforts are made to provide each animal with the most naturalistic enclosure possible to live out the remainder of their lives, cared for in safety.

The preserve goes beyond wildlife conservation in order to meet the tenets of its mission, though. Bearizona engages in multiple “sensibly green” practices to promote environmental welfare. Throughout the property, visitors can see special retention pools used to collect rainwater, which is then used for irrigation. Recycling plays an important role at the park as well. The man-made rock sculptures and waterfalls peppered throughout the preserve have been created using over 200,000 tons of waste metal and steel.

What Does the Fox Say?
Now, you can find out with some furry face time with Cleo the Fennec fox. If you want to get truly up close and personal with some of the park’s friendly residents, Bearizona offers the BZ Wild VIP Experience for an additional charge. Participants meet up with a VIP tour guide who will give you a once-in-a-lifetime peek behind the curtain as you’re led through the Program Animal Department where you’ll meet animals like Cleo and Turbo the African crested porcupine. You’re invited to engage in picture-taking and an informative, half-hour Q&A to answer all your burning questions like what does the fox say?

Included in this special tour is a guided drive through the park where your guide will offer interesting tidbits of information on animals you may spy along the three-mile drive. Be prepared for a wild pit stop as you visit one of the wolf training sessions along the route. Participants are provided with a nutritional snack to feed the American bison on the safari and also receive valuable coupons for complimentary beverages at the patio bar or Central Park, Bearizona’s tasty coffee trailer, and a discount coupon for use in the gift shop.

Feel a Rumbly in Your Tumbly?
You’re sure to work up an appetite after spending all day out in the fresh air with the wildlife. But don’t worry! Bearizona has more to offer hungry diners than an empty honey pot. Immerse yourself in nature and the Southwest at the Canyonlands Restaurant where you’re surrounded by rustic canyons and thundering waterfalls. Diners can satisfy their hunger with delicious barbecue, smoked in-house, or fill-up on satisfying salads and more as you overlook the jaguar habitat. Fancy something faster? Grab a quick hot dog or a pretzel on the outside dining deck of the Bearizona Grille.

So, if you like your teddy bears life-sized, or just want to “go a little wild” on your next visit to Kingman, Arizona and Zuni Village RV Park, be sure to make some time to visit Bearizona Wildlife Park. From petting zoos to prairie dogs, there’s something for every member of the family. Driving and walking options are available, depending on your preferences, as well as special, VIP experiences. No matter which option you choose, at Bearizona you’re certain to have a “beary” good time!

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