Whether you’re driving through Arizona or you just want a cool place to stay, the Zuni Village RV Park is the perfect place to lay your head. The RV park makes it easy to access the historic downtown Kingman. If you haven’t been to Kingman, Arizona before, you’re in for a treat. This beautiful town has some of the most amazing museums and parks that are rich in history.

First off, you have to check out the Mohave Museum of History & Arts. This museum is perfect for families and tells all about the history of Arizona. There are a lot of things that you won’t know, even if you live in Arizona yourself. After spending the day at the museum, rest your head at the RV campground.

You could also go and see the beautiful Metcalfe Park. It is named after Charles Metcalfe who helped develop the city. The playground is really fun for those with children, and the shady picnic area is the best place to stop and have lunch. Historic downtown Kingman has so many activities to do that you could spend a few days trying to get through it all. Most of the town was built in the early 1900s, and the buildings were built then too. Some buildings, like the Powerhouse and Hotel Brunswick come with information centers that can tell you all about the building and how it has impacted Kingman, Arizona. Grab some ice cream or treats at the local bakery before heading back to the RV park.

When you stay at Zuni Village RV Park, you and your family will all be comfortable. Located conveniently in Kingman, it is the closest and easiest place to stop to get a look at the historic downtown area. Rest your head in your own RV that will be parked in our large parking spaces. Your spot comes with all the hookups you’ll need, and our convenient picnic areas and restrooms make your stay comfortable and affordable. When you need an RV park to stay at, make Zuni Village your place to go.

For more information about the RV park, contact Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, Arizona at: www.zunirvpark.com


Best RV Park to See Historic Kingman
Best RV Park to See Historic Kingman
Stay at the best RV park so you can enjoy the historic downtown area of Kingman. Rest your head easily with large spaces at the Zuni RV park.
Zuni RV Park
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