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Big Girls Don’t Cry: It’s a Four Seasons Experience ‎with Arizona Seasons

As the pages of the calendar turn, many people assume that the calendar of Arizona seasons is permanently stuck on summer.  But, while Phoenix may have a “Valley of the Sun,” RV owners and season-seekers would benefit from listening to another Valli entirely.  There’s no need to lament spring, summer, fall, or winter.  The four seasons are alive and well in The Grand Canyon State.  At the Zuni Village & RV Park, you, too, can experience the best Arizona weather has to offer blocks away from Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona.


Are you the type of traveler who loves a white Christmas but prefers to see your blue in the sky and not on your toes and nose? As the mercury starts to drop for a December start to Arizona’s winter season, temperatures at the Grand Canyon can drop close to zero degrees. Generally, however, temperatures in most areas around Kingman, Arizona and the Zuni RV Park remain moderate for the winter season, averaging between 53 and 58 degrees. No need for the heavy coats and layers since it rarely falls below 44 degrees. However, many parts of the state, including Flagstaff, do see their fair share of the white stuff.


As the high-country snows melt away by March and the leaves unfurl on the citrus trees, the heady perfume of lemon and orange blossoms fills the air, energizing you for a perfect day of hiking. As the days begin to stretch, the trails are paved with gold as the Green Palo Verdes trees bloom and the thorny Ocotillo bushes reach their red flowers to the sky. Wildflowers carpet the mountainsides in a rainbow of colors. Avid bird watchers can spy hummingbirds flitting about and the great loping wings of sandhill cranes drifting overhead as they migrate to their summer homes along with plenty of other species.


The temperatures start to go up and the number of birds starts to go down as summer creeps in starting in May. It’s a month when people and trees alike wear sunblock to protect against the blistering rays of the sun.  You’ll want to dip more than your toe into a cool pool like the one at Zuni Village & RV Park, or perhaps you’d enjoy the adventurous spray of white river rafting with Hualapai River Runners about fifty miles away in nearby Peach Springs.   


October brings fall and the apple harvest, crisp fruits that go hand in hand with crisper temperatures.  Trees retain their vibrant green color well into November.  Mornings are briskly cool, with average mornings in the fifties.  Highs can still reach into the eighties, but generally, temperatures are gentler, encouraging open windows, pumpkin picking, or perhaps a tour of one of the Kingman vineyards like Cella Winery, Palo Verde Winery, or Route 66 Winery in Needles, California, less than an easy hour away at 63 miles along US 95 and I-40 route.

So, some like it hot.  Some folks are cool customers. Come experience the ever-changing seasonal sights, sounds, and smells at Zuni Village & RV Park in Kingman, Arizona.   Arizona seasons have it all. 

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