Looking for new ways to “brew” up some fun while out on the Mother Road? Pull in and stay awhile at the conveniently located Zuni Village and RV Park and explore Kingman, Arizona’s craft beer scene. Three different Kingman breweries offer a wide variety of both traditionally-crafted and exotic-flavored brews, all served in pleasant atmospheres with accommodating staff.

Black Bridge Brewery—The House Party that Grew

Like many craft beer entrepreneurs, Tim Schritter’s Black Bridge Brewery began in a garage. Before owning his commercial location at 421 E. Beale St. in Kingman, Tim brewed his own personal recipes and offered them only at exclusive tasting parties. Like its namesake, the parties became “the” place to hang out, and before long, Tim knew it was time to bring his recipes to the masses. The Black Bridge Brewery was born.

 Tim used his knowledge of welding to piece together his first brewing system. While the brewery has grown beyond that first 45-gallon brewhouse, the welder-turned-brew master still maintains a “steely” devotion to bringing quality craft beer to the Kingman scene. He’s brought together an exclusive experience beyond that first garage.  

The Black Bridge Brewery caters to diverse palates. If you favor an IPA, you’ll find several choices with wildly different tastes and equally wild names. The Ryetiousness Rye IPA bites with forward notes of pepper on the nose but sweetens the sting with a bright citrus center.  If that weren’t “juicy” enough to entice a visit, you can always sample the Rival IPA bursting with citrus and spice.

Life is short, so if you prefer to eat dessert first (or in this case drink), the Black Bridge brewery delivers with a “monster” of a delicious raspberry-chocolate beer with just a hint of coffee, Dr. Frankenstout. Other chocolate stouts on offer are the rich, Chocolate Hooley and the Dark Hooley Stout with its medley of chocolate, coffee, and oats.

Visit the Black Bridge Brewery Mondays and Tuesdays from 11AM-9PM, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11AM-10PM, Fridays and Saturdays from 11AM-11PM, and Sundays from 11AM to 5PM.


Rickety Cricket Brewing—The Flavors of Childhood . . . All Grown-Up

Did you ever dream of running away to join the circus?  No clowning around—if you’re in search of an eclectic variety of craft beer served up with a nostalgic trip down memory lane, you won’t want to miss Rickety Cricket Brewing. Located at 312 E. Beale Street, just ten minutes away from the Zuni Village RV Campground, this brew pub features over twenty-eight unique brews on tap, many of which evoke sweet memories of younger days.

 Now, you won’t find any elephants, but you will find the taste of peanuts in Three-Ring Riot. This hearty stout with flavors of chocolate and peanut butter brings a grown-up twist to a childhood favorite. However, there’s no twist needed to get to the creamy center of I Did It All for the Cookie, a milk-sweet cookies-and-cream flavored stout that clocks in at 5.6% ABV.

If your sweet tooth prefers something a little more on the fruity side, Rickety Cricket Brewing delivers. The Anaconda Squeeze Double India Pale Ale boasts tropical flavors of pineapple and mango. You can also opt for the melon and pineapple flavors of Hazers Gonna Haze, a cloudy brew crafted with late-addition hops that offers a pleasant mouthfeel. For those curious about Rickety Cricket’s brewing process, the brewery offers free tours with availability. Book on the company’s website. (https://www.ricketycricketbrewing.com/)

Rickety Cricket Brewing is the brainchild of award-winning pizza chef Terry Thomson.  Like Tim Schritter, the Southwest Pizza Champion of the United States began home brewing in his garage just as a hobby, but in 2015 Thomson and his wife, Stacey, decided to “hop” into the craft beer business and began planning their first Rickety Cricket Brewing location in Kingman. Since then, the couple have opened locations in Prescott and Flagstaff, Arizona. Recently expanded, the brewery offers a new tasting room called The Dirty Dough Co. where you not only can taste their beers where they are brewed, you can grab a slice of one of the irreverently-named beer dough pies. Made with spent grains and oats from the brewing process, get them while they’re hot. Once they’re gone, you’ll be crying in your beer—or you’ll just have to come back the next day when another batch comes out of the oven!  


College Street Brewhouse—A Fresh Approach

If you like a little fresh air with your craft beer, take a jaunt to College Street Brewhouse located about an hour away from Zuni Village and RV Campground in Lake Havasu City. Located at 1940 College Drive, the College Street Brewhouse not only offers outdoor dining with views of Lake Havasu and California Chemehuevi Mountain, but also takes a fresh approach to its delicious menu, sourcing ingredients from local vendors. After your drive, slaking your thirst may be more on your mind, and this hip brew pub doesn’t disappoint.

The clear customer favorite is The Big Blue Van—with and without wheels. After you snap a picture with the blue VW van parked outside, be sure to sample the wheat beer infused with blueberry and vanilla. Those with a penchant for pucker might choose the V. Beauregarde, which also features blueberries, but in a sour Berliner-style brew. Stout-hearted sipper will want to opt for the Sweet Devil Stout with familiar coffee, dark chocolate, and sweet toffee flavors. All of these brews are available year-round and in 12 oz. cans.

Brother Dewey’s, an award-winning Old Ale-style brew, relies heavily on locally sourced ingredients—dates, wildflower honey along with Belgian candy sugar and spices—for its rich, sweet taste. Because it spends a year in the brewery cellar, it’s only available in November in 16 oz. cans and in four-packs to go. Be sure to try the delicious menu as well—crab and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, sesame ahi, and more.

When it comes to brewing up some fun, it’s not a matter of witchcraft as much as “which” craft in Arizona. No matter your favorite flavor, there’s something to wet your whistle at the breweries located near Zuni Village and RV Campground. 


Craft Beer | Kingman Breweries | Zuni Village RV Park
Craft Beer | Kingman Breweries | Zuni Village RV Park
Brew up some fun at craft beer breweries in and around Kingman, Arizona. Stay at Zuni Village and RV Park and explore the local craft brewery scene.
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