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Zuni RV September Camping Tips

Camping During Covid: 10 Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Zuni RV September Camping Tips

It’s that time of year again when the trees turn orange and leaves crunch under your feet. Fall is here and with it comes a new opportunity to camp, explore nature, and enjoy family time. We feel the call of the open road and long to get outside, spend time with friends, and explore exciting new destinations. Despite that primal call, you still may be considering the safety of camping safely during COVID. The good news is with proper precautions, camping is one of the top family activities to engage in during this era of social distancing. So, gas up your RV, stock up the coolers, and motor down the Mother Road to historic Kingman, Arizona and the Zuni Village RV Park, conveniently located near a wide array of family-friendly attractions and enjoy safe camping with minimal risk of exposure—as long as you follow these top ten helpful tips! 

With a little bit of planning and some prudent precautionary measures, you can camp more safely and explore Kingman, Arizona and all it has to offer with some peace of mind. Before heading out into the great outdoors this fall, observe the following to minimize your risk:

1. Observe Guidelines for Social Distancing, Indoors and Outdoors

It may seem like we’ve heard the six-feet distance rule a million times over, but the advice is sound—both indoors and outdoors. Even as more folks get vaccinated, it is still a good idea to maintain that requisite distance from people outside your group even when in the great outdoors. For example, while exploring many of the beautiful hiking trails in and around Kingman, be sure to walk a wide circle if you happen to meet other nature enthusiasts along the path. And though Zuni Village RV Park maintains high standards of cleanliness and sanitizing, it is a good idea to curb your visits to widely-used public areas, like pavilions or clubhouses.

2. Make Masking Up Mandatory

Keeping a mask in your pocket when traveling in public areas is a good idea. Keeping a mask on your face is an even better one. Always wear a mask, even when participating in activities outside. It limits your exposure risk should you come into close contact with others unavoidably. Never travel without a mask!

3. Safety in Soaping Up

As a general rule, we should all be washing our hands as frequently as possible. If there’s soap and water nearby, make use of them to help slow the spread of germs. However, if you’re actively engaged in one of the Kingman area outdoor activities like white water rafting in Havasu, or hiking in the Grand Canyon, the ladies’ room might not be a convenient option. Be sure to plan ahead and keep a personal supply of hand sanitizer on your person. Use it frequently, but especially make use of it after touching public surfaces like door handles.

4. Don’t Hog the Air Conditioning: Explore the Great Outdoors

Try to limit your time in enclosed public spaces like laundry facilities, game rooms, or other areas that may have poor ventilation and can increase your exposure risk. If you can, avoid these types of areas altogether. Instead, take advantage of outdoor activities like a visit to Kingman oddity, the Giganticus Headicus, or biking in Hualapai Mountain Park, or tee off at Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course, Kingman’s championship 18-hole golf course. 

5. Opt for Campsite Cooking

As delicious as the food is at any one of Kingman’s fine eateries, you can decrease your possibility of exposure by opting to prepare your meals at your personal campsite. Dining al fresco makes a fabulous add-on experience for your camping vacation as well.

6. Avoid Using Campground Restrooms and Showers if Possible

If your RV has shower and restroom facilities aboard, make use of them. Even though Zuni Village RV Park observes stringent sanitizing practices, the restrooms and showers are probably the most highly trafficked areas of any campground. Add that to the fact that most people will remain unmasked in these areas for periods exceeding fifteen minutes and restrooms and showers can develop into high-risk exposure areas.

7. Stay Safe Indoors with Social Distancing

Kingman offers a plethora of exciting and interesting indoor activities such as the Arizona Route 66 Museum or the Mohave Museum of History and Art. If you observe mask protocols and observe proper social distancing guidelines, you can enjoy these options in relative safety.

8. Keep Travel Groups Small

Many of us travel with friends and family when we hit the open road, but many full-time RVers go camping for the enjoyment of meeting new people as well. Increasing your exposure to folks outside your immediate circle, however, also increases your risk. Try to remain with known acquaintances in your travel group. Keep each other apprised of safety guidelines and try to ensure everyone in the group maintains them.

9. Sanitize Surfaces for Safety

Invest in an arsenal of antibacterial spray, disinfectant wipes, and other sanitizing materials and use them often, especially on frequently touched surfaces like remotes, doorknobs, sink handles, light switches, etcetera.

10. Use Caution with Crowds

The bigger the crowd, the bigger your risk—even outdoors. Take extra precautions when attending events where more people are gathered. Even though there is increased ventilation outdoors, there is always an additional risk in big groups. Maintain as much distance between you and people not in your immediate group. Mask up. Wash hands and sanitize frequently, especially after touching common surfaces.

In short, with proper planning, prudent sanitizing, and careful observation of social distancing guidelines, camping in Kingman, Arizona can be a wonderful way to get out and reconnect with the great outdoors. Stay at the Zuni Village RV Park and take advantage of the wide array of activities nearby to help make your next RV trip a safe and satisfying vacation.

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