If the idea of touring a Kingman, AZ, winery, interests you, you are in luck. The area is perfect not only for camping and sightseeing but also sampling the wines of the Southwest. Both acclaimed wineries in Kingman are less than an hour’s drive from Zuni RV Park. This makes them perfect for an afternoon outing when you visit Kingman.

Cella Winery

One of the best wineries in the Kingman, Arizona, region is Cella Winery. This winery is located only half an hour from Zuni RV Park, making it perfect for a day trip. The owner, Carlos Cella, is a native of Buenos Aires and of Italian descent. He has been perfecting the art of winemaking for 40 years.

Cella Winery was the first winery in its area. Nowadays, it produces wines that burst with flavor and intensity. Visitors can sample dozens of local wines, from zinfandels to merlots and cabernets. The winery offers tastings by reservation. Reviews describe it as homey and welcoming.

Cella Winery has a love for cabernet, which the owners say is perfect for the Arizona growing climate. Their vineyard’s soil is perfect for growing robust, delicious grapes. In fact, it has been compared to the soil quality in Wine Country.

Cella’s staff members are meticulous, testing the quality of their wines from the soil to the root to the final product. The winery also offers discounts for Wine Club members. The staff is highly knowledgeable and loves to chat with visitors about their wine. You can choose between tasting options of five or 10 specialty wines.

Stetson Winery

Another great local winery is Stetson Winery, also half an hour from Zuni RV Park. This winery offers tastings on its outdoor veranda. There, visitors enjoy views of the desert and three separate mountain ranges. Founded by a married couple, Jo and Don Stetson, the winery offers many delicious options for you to enjoy.

Visitors can kick back with a glass of one of the specialty wines, such as Route 66, Hop in the Cab Darlin, or Peace Marker. All the wines are the work of master vintner Eric Glomski. Glomski’s wines were even featured as the official drinks of the Arizona State Centennial celebration.

The winery also hosts events throughout the year. These include everything from live music performances to Mardi Gras celebrations. It’s a perfect stopping point on the way to the Grand Canyon or the Las Vegas strip.

The success of Stetson Winery is amazing, but it was not always the life plan of the Stetson family. Jo and Don Stetson found their way to wine-making later in life. Their new career arose from their own love of wine and the Arizona Southwest region. In late 2012, they opened the winery. It has enjoyed a huge amount of success ever since.

Reviews describe the winery as a “gem in the middle of the desert.” The scenery is perfect — exactly what Jo and Don Stetson envisioned when they began. They wanted a beautiful outdoor setting where people could watch the sunset over the desert. Since 2012, visitors to Kingman have gotten to enjoy just that.

Take a Day Trip While RV Camping

The joy of RV camping is being able to make stops wherever you like along the road. For people RV camping in Kingman, these local wineries are the perfect day trip. If you are staying at one of the Kingman, AZ, RV parks, take a day to enjoy the sights and tastes of the Southwestern wine country. It is a unique experience that will make you want to return. Wine may not be the first thing on your mind in the desert, but these Kingman, AZ, wineries are must-sees.

Enjoy Desert Views at a Kingman, AZ, Winery
Enjoy Desert Views at a Kingman, AZ, Winery
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