Enjoying Long-Term Stays at Kingman, AZ, RV Parks

If you are planning long-term stays at Kingman, AZ, RV parks, you have a treat ahead of you. People love staying in Kingman throughout the winter. The warm, mild Southwestern temperatures make winters beautiful. But believe it or not, RV camping in Kingman, AZ, is perfect during the summer, too.

Enjoy Beautiful Weather All Year Round

What’s the secret behind that? Kingman – and Zuni RV Park – enjoy a slightly cooler temperature than most other places in the nearby region. This is because of its elevation of 3,500 feet, which keeps it pleasant even in the summer months. It is nestled right between the Colorado Plateau and the Lower Colorado River Valley. Its location keeps it significantly cooler than other cities in Arizona where temperatures climb to the 110s in the summer months. This makes it a perfect place for long-term RV stays.

Winters in Arizona are one of the most pleasant, with average temperatures between 45 and 67 degrees. While the rest of the country is battling snow, the people staying in Kingman, AZ, RV parks by the month are enjoying a temperate, sunny climate. But even during the summer months, Kingman’s location on the edge of the Mojave Desert keeps its weather dry and mild.

Visit Attractions of Every Kind

But the mild, beautiful weather is far from the only thing that draws visitors to Kingman year-round. There are also tons of natural and man-made attractions.

If you love to spend time outdoors in nature, there are endless opportunities in the Kingman region. The town sits right on the edge of the Mohave Desert, making it a perfect place to see beautiful desert vistas, animal life, and crystal-clear skies.

There are many places to hike, picnic, and rock-climb. Sports enthusiasts can even find opportunities for golf, boating, and fishing. All of these are within easy driving distance of Kingman, AZ.

There are also places to enjoy the amazing history and culture of the old Southwest. Take a day trip to Oatman, AZ, to visit an old mining town. This town has a history of more than 100 years and was a favorite stopping point of Clark Gable. Today, it hosts events and markets all year round, drawing thousands of tourists.

If you’re more interested in the modern aspects of Southwestern culture, take a trip to one of the top-rated nearby wineries. There, you can sample some of the best wines the Southwest has to offer.

Kingman also has a great location within easy driving distance of some of the most amazing attractions in the country. It is only two and a half hours from the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, tourists who are more interested in a more urban setting can reach the Las Vegas strip in only an hour and 40 minutes. You can also reach the California border in less than an hour.

Located along historic Route 66, Kingman is the main hub connecting attractions in four states and two countries. Whether you want to spend time in the quiet of the natural desert beauty or hit the casinos in the Las Vegas strip, Kingman, AZ, is the perfect place for a long-term stay in an RV park.

Stay at Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, AZ

If you are looking for a campground near Kingman, AZ, with full hookups, Zuni Village RV Park has a wonderful location within easy distance of dozens of Southwest attractions. To find out about rates for long-term stays at Kingman, AZ, RV parks, contact the park office to find out more.

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