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Explore Historic Route 66 During Your Stay at Zuni RV Park

Covering 2,400 miles and more than 75 years of history, Historic Route 66 is a ribbon of concrete and steel. Inaugurated in 1926, Route 66 has offered people the driving experience of a lifetime. It is one of the oldest and longest routes traveled throughout history. It is driven and enjoyed by travelers, adventures and dreamers.

Connecting all eight states from Chicago to Los Angeles, the “Mother Road” provides a one of kind of driving experience and convenience. The lengthy scenic route also offers hundreds of roadside Route 66 attractions. Travelers take breaks from driving to enjoy the scenic views and natural beauty.

While some treasures of the road have disappeared but most of the landmarks are preserved thanks to local historical societies. You can still admire many of the same landmarks today.

The Mother Road

This ‘’Mother Road’’ was came into existence with the need to connect the country. Crossing much of the American Midwest, Southwest and Great Plains, Route 66 offers drivers an opportunity to see many major cities. Originally it provided a commercial travel way. Route 66 was also widely used for leisure driving and road trips.

The very commonly used Route 66 brought about significant change and prosperity for local communities. Motels and guesthouses were built so people could get a good night’s rest. Route 66 became a familiar American icon.

Kingman, Arizona

Although most commercial travel takes place on the major interstate highways, Rt. 66 is still be used if you have time to slow down and explore the historical side of this country’s cities and towns. Kingman, Arizona is one of those cities. Its downtown historical area is lined an eclectic collection of antique stores, shops, microbreweries, galleries, coffee houses and cafes.

You can still enjoy explore the historic value of this road which represents family fun and freedom. If a “kick” is what you are looking for, exploring Route 66 is the perfect adventure for you.

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