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Five Awesome RV Organization Hacks You’ll Love

zuni rv park organizing hacks

Visiting Kingman, Arizona and Zuni Village & RV Campground? Make more room for the fun and adventure in the area with these top ten tips to make your RV a little more organized and a whole lot more efficient. From under bed to overhead, these excellent RV storage ideas will free up your space indoors so you can enjoy the fun in the space outdoors!

If the Shoe Fits

Hit the open road looking like you’re ready to hit the runway! Arizona has a wide and varied menu of activities to please even the most discerning palate. From art walks to epic hikes, there is something for everyone—and the call for many types of shoes. But in the limited space of your RV, finding a happy ending can be hard when trying to find space to fit your trail boots and your glass slippers. 

Make use of your bedframe’s square footage. Get those kicks up off the floor and out of your way with these ingenious self-adhesive shoe racks. Each rack holds a pair of shoes firmly in place on the frame beneath your bed’s mattress. You can be ready to explore nature or even attend a ball now that you won’t have to leave your favorite footwear behind.

You Won’t Be Able to Help Your “Shelf”

You’ll be so happy you won’t be able to help your “shelf” with this next RV organization hack. Many RVs come with tall narrow closets for storage. Yes, you can often find narrow, plastic storage tubs to organize these small spaces, but it can be tedious when you constantly need something in the lowest box. 

Collapsible canvas shelves are an inexpensive, convenient way to help you maximize these areas without all the hassle. Just hang them from the closet rod and, presto! Instant shelving!

A RV Bathroom Hack That Will Have You Singing in the Shower

You don’t have to have pipes like Lady Gaga, but you’ll be singing the praises of this RV bathroom hack. Bathroom real estate is at a premium in an RV. There is little to no horizontal real estate to store the necessary toiletries for your shower and other bathroom ministrations. The solution? Go vertical.

Invest in a thin, wall mount towel rod and some toiletry bottles with carabiner clips like these. Fill the bottles with your favorite soaps and shampoos and clip them on the towel rod. This hack frees up your limited counter space and keeps all your personal supplies within easy reach.

Just Hanging Around

The bathroom is not the only space in an RV that can benefit from unused vertical airspace. In your galley, consider taking advantage of the unused space under your overhead cabinets while keeping your counters free at the same time. 


Try mounting hanging baskets or drawers under kitchen cabinets to create handy additional storage. You can choose to house vegetables, fruit, or any number of loose articles to help keep your RV clutter-free.

You can also clean up those cluttered drawers by using wall space to store your cooking utensils. Hang a self-adhesive utensil rack to get those bulky items out of the drawers and create more space. 

“Tackling” Those Pesky Batteries

Batteries are a boon and a bane to camping. While we often need them to power all our gizmos and gadgets, keeping them organized and not just a random pile in a junk drawer can be a challenge. 

“Tackle” the problem with a handy tackle box. We promise—it’s not just for fishing! The convenient separated compartments always make finding the right sized battery a breeze.

So, if you’re motoring west on that highway that’s the best, be sure to stop in Kingman, Arizona where there’s a little something for everyone. And at the Zuni Village and RV Campground, you’ll find a clean, comfortable home base to enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. But until you get here, these five awesome RV hacks will keep your RV organized and clutter-free.

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