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Get Your Kicks from Route 66 (and Your 401K): Revving Up for Full-Time RVing After Retirement


When Nat King Cole recorded his version of (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66, he must have had full-time RVing after retirement in mind. The lyrics of the famous song read like a travel diary, documenting adventures all the way from St. Louis, Missouri to San Bernardino, California and speaks to a generation who is ready to exchange the hectic pace of the corporate rat race for the freedom and independence of the mobile lifestyle. RV retirement can allow you to experience all this great country of ours has to offer—sprawling vistas, majestic mountains and painted deserts—and all from the comfort of your own mobile home. If you’re revving up for retirement and considering full-time RV living, here are some helpful hints on how to do it well to make sure you get your kicks and not just on good old Route 66.

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore? Not with RV Retirement

When you’re looking at options for how to live out your golden years, there are multiple options. However, one of the things that make the concept of RVing in retirement so appealing is the freedom: freedom from the burdens of a weighty mortgage and property upkeep; freedom to explore new places without ever having to unpack; and freedom to decide from day to day whether you want to interact with new and interesting people, or just soak in the solitude of a quiet sunrise. It all just depends on where you park.

An ideal spot to park is the Zuni Village RV Park. Located in Kingman, Arizona, the Zuni Village RV Park proudly offers level pull-through sites, picnic tables and power hookups in meticulously cared for grounds. Visitors also have a wide array of choices to “get their kicks” whether their retirement dream includes golf, fishing, or simply taking in the sights. If you want to take a “swing” at retirement, avid golfers can visit Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course only ten minutes away from Zuni Village RV Park, or Valle Vista Country Club and Golf Course only twenty-one minutes away. If you’re “angling” to catch a striped bass or maybe a Northern pike, some great spots to fish can be found less than an hour’s drive from Zuni Village RV Park, like Hackberry Wash (31 m) and the Hualapai Reservoir (26 m). If sightseeing’s your thing, visitors can also get a little “spirited” at the Chloride Ghost Town (27 m). Full-time RVing after retirement means enjoying the freedom to get around.

Rules of the Road: Cost Considerations

If you are considering full-time RVing after retirement, you must abide by the rules of the road. This means taking into consideration the actual costs associated with the RV lifestyle. While RV retirement can be cost-effective, poor planning can turn the experience into a budget bungle! Getting those proverbial “kicks” is entirely possible—after all, when you don’t have to worry about finding a house sitter, hitting that long ribbon of highway is a less daunting enterprise. But your “get up and go” will “got up and went” if you don’t put gas in the tank. The average cost of a typical RV fill-up can range between $60-$600 depending on your make and model. Additionally, the average RV gets approximately 10-20 MPH. It’s easy to see how improper planning could put a flat in your freedom-filled future. Fortunately, full-time RVing in retirement allows you options when it comes to destinations and accommodations, which means you can adjust your monthly expenses on a sliding scale dependent upon available funds, choosing exciting new adventures that fall within your budget.

So, if you decide full-time RVing after retirement is for you and you chance to motor west off that highway that is the best, come visit Zuni Village RV Park and take in an Arizona sunset and a brilliant orange-colored sky.

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