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Light Up Your Life: Creative Outdoor Lighting Choices for Your Campsite

 The flickering evening glow from a campsite has always been one of the unique details about camping that makes it a truly magical experience. From s’mores around a crackling campfire to the twinkle of delicate fairy lights, choosing the right lighting is just as much a part of the camping experience as where you choose to pitch your tent (or park your RV). In either case, a little research into available options not only helps you set the proper mood, but ensures that safe camping fun can continue even after the sun goes down. So, keep that twinkle in your eye (and around your RV) when camping at Zuni Village RV park with these cleverly creative ways to illuminate your campsite. 

 So Many OptionsThere is a smorgasbord of campsite lighting options to choose from in today’s market. However, whether your appetite leans towards the practical or whimsical, there are some common elements to keep in mind. When trying to choose which light is right for you, consider the available features, the brightness, what type of bulb it is, and how the light is powered. Each item plays an integral role in making sure you pick the most effective lighting for you.

Where you are using the lighting also plays a major role in deciding which type of lighting will work best for you. For example, if you are choosing lighting for a tent interior, or even in sections of your RV, the more practical choices are those lighting options which are battery-operated and do not rely on a tethered power cord. Keep those hands free to accomplish other necessary camping tasks by opting for headlamps, which also avoid narrow beams, ensuring you can always see the bigger picture. A wise option is always LED lights, too, as they emit little heat. In the warm desert summers of Kingman, Arizona, anything to keep the mercury down is a wise move. Read on for a list of effective options to “light up” your camping life.

1. Hanging Light Bulbs

For the traditionalist, there’s always the old tried and true lighting option—the hanging light bulb. But this is not your mother’s bulb. This camping version resembles Thomas Alva Edison’s original invention but runs on three AAA batteries to provide 10 hours of light at 150 lumens. It comes with a convenient clip to make hanging easy.

2. Lighting That’s a Breeze

Cut down on the summer heat and your packing with this two-in-one option—a fan with built-in light.  Lighten your load with a tent light integrated with a fan to get two camping products in one. This lightweight, one-pound fan offers a rechargeable USB port and can last up to ten hours. The accessible hook makes installation a “breeze” wherever you need to throw a little light on the subject.

3. Turn Night to DAY…er DIY

For a quick and easy glow around your campsite, all you need is a little ingenuity—a DIY Headlamp Water Lantern. Another two-for-one packing idea, your handy headlamp not only makes a great mobile option for lighting your way at night, but wrap it’s band around a full water jug, turn the light toward the water and presto! You have a soft, diffused light to illuminate your campsite. Headlamps with color changing options like this one even allow you to change things up if you’d like to make your neighbors “green” with envy.

4. Solar String Lights

Make every camping trip a party with the festive, yet energy-efficient option–solar string lights. These solar-driven lights require no plug in and can add an instant celebratory feel to your campsite when strung over your camping area. Get eighteen feet of lightweight lights that can last up to twenty hours on a single charge.

 So, when you’re camping at Zuni Village RV Park and enjoying the sparkle of the Arizona night sky, try one of these different ideas to add a little more sparkle to your camping experience and light up your camping life.

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