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Essential RV Spring Travel Tips

Spring is here! That means it’s time to hit the road again, and these RV spring travel tips will come in handy. Warm weather brings the chance to enjoy all sorts of sights and experiences on the road. Keeping up with RV maintenance tips is the best way to make sure you stay safe on the road this spring. 

1. Keep Your Tires in Check

Sitting for long periods of time — such as over the winter months — can wreak havoc on your RV tires. Your tires can lose as much as three psi of air every month in storage. If it is in a cold place, it may lose even more. Not only can this cause some serious wear and tear on the other parts of your RV, but it can also even cause an accident. 

2. Drain Your Water System 

Draining and sanitizing your RV water system is one of the most important steps of preparing for spring. If you live in a cold climate, you probably put antifreeze in your water tank when preparing for the cold weather. Now, it is time to flush it out. You will have to drain the tank completely, and then follow the steps for flushing antifreeze out of the pipes. 

3. Clean Your Water System 

Of course, simply flushing your water system is not enough. You will also have to sanitize it to ensure that no harmful bacteria are left behind. After all, this is the water that your family will drink and use for cooking. Use a quarter cup of regular bleach per 15 gallons of holding capacity. Let the water and bleach sit in the tank for 12 hours, and then flush completely until the smell of bleach is gone. 

4. Check Your Pipes 

Make sure your plumbing pipes are tight, non-corroded, and free of cracks or leaks. You can check this by running your water system at full capacity for several minutes and listening for the sound of the water cycle turning back on. 

5. Replace Propane Tanks

Not every RV uses propane. If yours does, your tanks will need to be replaced after the winter. You will need to change them and then test for leaks, making sure all hoses are fitted properly. 

6. Look at Your Batteries 

Even if your RV has not run all through the winter, your batteries will still lose at least some charge. You will need to test and recharge them before you can hit the road and enjoy the RV lifestyle again. 

7. Change Your Filters 

Air and water filters need to be changed regularly for your own health. After being idle for months, these filters will have accumulated a lot of dust and bacteria. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to change them out. 

8. Review Your Propane Appliances 

When you have replaced the propane tanks, make sure to test every appliance that uses them in your RV. These include inside appliances as well as the water heater. You should also check for ignition problems or signs of leaks. If you see an issue, contact a professional. 

9. Examine Your Water Heater 

Even if you know your water heater is working, you should still check the outside vent to make sure it is clear of corrosion, insects, or mold. 

10. Check Your Engine 

Of course, it is also vital to check your engine fluids and test all your controls. Replace as needed, so you can get on the road once again. 

These RV Spring Travel Tips Will Make For a Safe Ride 

RVs collect some damage after sitting for the winter. But with these spring travel tips, you can get safely back on the road. These are great things to know while staying in one of the Kingman, AZ, RV parks.

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