After interminable months of lockdown, cabin fever and a herculean challenge to your mental well-being, RVing during Covid is just the panacea and opportunity to get away while still being able to maintain your distance and control your environment. Most people have adapted to the “new normal” and since we’ve been at it for a while now, we know the routines when going out in public and making smart choices to keep ourselves and our families safe.

RV’ing is A Covid-Safe Choice

Even if you are uncertain about doing extensive traveling at this precarious time, a long weekend or week-long travel can do wonders for your psyche and well-being. Just a change of scenery can be uplifting, fun and a break from the day to day sheltered routine. You can safely go RV camping during covid-19 since you can maintain distance in your own RV and avoid other, more crowded modes of transportation. Having your own private shower and restroom, sitting at your own evening campfire, and preparing your meals can assure social distancing while taking in new sights and adventures. You can even be friendly with your RV park neighbors who maintain their distance. Zuni RV Park in Kingman, Arizona is an ideal destination to consider as it offers so many unique area attractions and outdoor adventures. Zuni RV Park is only ¼ mile from the infamous and historic Route 66.

Follow the Recommendations and Guidelines of the CDC

In addition to maintaining the practices you have become accustomed to at home, i.e., hand washing often with soap, wearing masks in public, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, it is recommended that you avoid large gatherings, especially indoors. Northern Arizona has so many stunning travel destinations, area attractions and outdoor activity options that are perfect for a couple or a family to partake in. For example, hiking, off-roading, boating, jet skis, sight-seeing, or fishing. Keepers of The Wild Nature Park, which is only 20 minutes away from the Zuni RV Park, is committed to remaining open during Covid and are fastidious in their constant cleaning of the park’s public areas and cleaning and disinfecting their tour buses before and after each group.

Be Well Stocked

Come prepared with what you’ll need as in cleaning supplies, masks, food, and games to play at the campsite in the evenings when you are back from your daytime adventures. The more you plan and stock up, the less you will have to go in search of and have to enter potentially crowded stores.

Spend Time Outdoors

Arizona is famous for its stunning landscapes and diverse topography. There are so many treasured and unique destinations found only in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is famous the world over for example, which is just under three hours away from the Zuni RV Park. Flagstaff, AZ, about two hours East of Kingman, features the largest pine forest in the world. Also in Flagstaff, AZ are the San Francisco Peaks which are a volcanic mountain range. Its highest summit in the range, Humphreys Peak, is 12,633 feet, the highest point in the state of Arizona.

Return Home Refreshed, Revitalized and Ready to Thrive

A safe RV adventure, a break from routine can invigorate not only your morale but boost your immune. Being outdoors, seeing magnificent landscapes, participating in vigorous outdoor activities is rejuvenating for mind, body and spirit. If you want to take extra, extra precaution when returning home, you can consider quarantining yourselves for 14 days before mingling with other family and friends. RV’ing during Covid is the perfect remedy to overcome the covid blues.

RV’ing During Covid to Avoid Cabin Fever at Home!
RV’ing During Covid to Avoid Cabin Fever at Home!
RV’ing during Covid is one of the more safer modes of travel during this pandemic. RV camping during Covid-19 allows you to maintain your social distance while traveling and experiencing the great outdoors. The Zuni RV Park in Kingman, AZ is an ideal Northern Arizona destination because of its proximity to so many of Arizona’s greatest natural treasures
Zuni RV Park
Zuni RV Park
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