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zuni village rv park rving with pets

Rving with Pets – Traveling with your Best Buddies (the Four-Legged Ones of Course!)

zuni village rv park rving with pets

Rving with pets can be an extremely rewarding experience. For people with dogs that are in excellent health and agility, one’s four-legged companions make enthusiastic hiking partners. Many people video or vlog their outdoor excursions with their four-legged adventurers and share them on social media resulting in large followings. Sharing the trails with your best buddy adds to your enjoyment and creates treasured memories.

Plan Ahead

In order to have the most pleasurable experience and best outcome, it pays to plan ahead and check out pet friendly destinations. The time you spend investing in pre-planning your route and finding pet-friendly locations, i.e., RV parks, hiking trails, restaurants, shops, you can insure a smooth and hassle -free time.  Zuni Village RV Park located in historic Kingman, Arizona, offers an ideal pet-friendly vacation destination to station your RV with multiple area attractions within a few hours drive or less.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ is one of Arizona’s more enchanting destinations with stunning, iconic red rock and scenic views. Located 174 miles to the East of Zuni Village RV Park, they offer pet friendly trails, with some of their stores and outdoor restaurant seating also open to pets. Sedona is known as the Day Hike Capital of America with over 100 trails ranging from beginner level to advanced. 

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

If you would like to combine a day of outdoor adventure with evening entertainment, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is just 24 miles east from the Las Vegas strip with Las Vegas being just 112 miles from Zuni Village RV Park. You can spend the day with your pets enjoying water sports in addition to hiking and picnicking and can book your dog into the Pawsh Palace located in the heart of Las Vegas for an afternoon or overnight of pet pampering while you enjoy a night on the town on the Las Vegas strip.

Haulapai Mountain Park

Haulapai Mountain Park, a mere 14 miles from Zuni Village RV Park offers scenic mountain trails with cooler temperatures due to the elevation. Whether it’s historic ghost towns or white water rafting, there are a myriad of area attractions to choose from within easy driving distance of Zuni Village RV Park.

Pet Safety

In order to plan successful pet friendly trips with safety in mind, there are several measures to take in advance of embarking on your adventure. Consider having your pet microchipped or at least outfitted with an ID tag with all relevant contact information. Other considerations are pet insurance, medications and first aid, and carrying photographs of your pet in the event you get separated. While you actually travel with pets in an RV, motoring down the highway, a travel harness or pet carrier will allow you to prevent unnecessary driving hazards.

If hiking, check what the day’s temperatures will be and consider choosing to hit the trails in the early or later portion of the day, when the sun is not at its most intense. You do not want your four-legged companion to become overheated, dehydrated, or walking on hot surfaces. Also, when out in nature, be alert for snakes or other potential dangers. If outdoor adventures are an ongoing activity of yours, especially in the Southwest, it pays to sign your dog or dogs up for a snake avoidance course. This small investment can save you a lot of heartache if your pet were to encounter a snake in the wilderness, miles from emergency care.

Your Pets as Conversation Starters

Whether you travel with a dog, a cat, a bird, or any other small pet (i.e., a turtle, a rabbit, etc.) they inevitably become a conversation starter with fellow travelers or RV park neighbors you meet along the way. People are several times more likely to strike up a conversation with you by virtue of the presence of your four-legged buddies. With a well-planned trip, there’s no reason not to consider rving with pets and leave your best friends behind.

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