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Stay at Our RV Park While Hiking Badger Trail


If you love to adventure, you need to stay at an RV park. An amazing hiking trail in Kingman, AZ is Badger Trail. The trail is just 3.2 miles, but it is through some amazingly beautiful scenery. While hiking, you’ll gain almost 1,000 feet in altitude through the three miles. It is considered to be a moderate hike, so you shouldn’t worry about being too exhausted at the end of it. It is a great activity for both adults and children. Thankfully, the Zuni Village RV Park is conveniently located just minutes from Badger Trail. Whether you are wanting to hike or do the bicycle trail, you’ll need a place to rest your head when the day is done.

Adventuring can be tiresome, and nothing feels better than lying your head down in a place you are familiar with. Bring your RV with you and stay at one of the best RV camps you’ll find. Our spots are large and our amenities beat out all competition. There’s nothing like the convenient bathrooms and hook ups that are included in your stay at Zuni Village. We promise that you’ll enjoy your hike through Badger Trail, but you’ll enjoy your stay at the RV park even more.

For more information about staying at the RV Park, contact Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, Arizona at: www.zunirvpark.com

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