Riding along in Kingman, AZ can be tiring what with all of the beautiful scenery to take in and attractions to visit and enjoy. When it comes time to rest your head, visit Zuni Village RV Park, the ideal park to take the edge off. Route 66 attractions are nearly everywhere you look along the open road, but how many times can you say that the place you are staying doubles as an attraction as well? With all of the amenities of home as well as acceptance of discounts from KOA and Good Sam, there is no reason to park on the side of the road.

For more information for about staying at Zuni Village RV Park while visiting Kingman, AZ visit https://zunirvpark.com/


Stay Comfortably While in Kingman, AZ
Stay Comfortably While in Kingman, AZ
Kingman, AZ is popular among tourists. When you are visiting Kingman, AZ, enjoy the comforts at home with Zuni Village RV Park.
Zuni RV Park
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