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The Dream Job – Make Money While RV’ing

zuni village rv park earn money

Making money while RV’ing is extremely rewarding as it allows one to earn while pursuing a favorite pastime. It can either finance your trip or become an ongoing steady source of income that allows one to make money while full time RV’ing.

This year’s pandemic has perhaps precipitated the largest remote work force this country has ever seen. While there are plenty of jobs that have been for a long time routinely performed remotely, i.e., customer service jobs, writing assignments, medical and legal transcription, etc., the present need to slow the spread of the virus has forced a great number of people to retreat to the safety of their homes to continue to earn a wage and perform their jobs. They are the fortunate ones, as opposed to those laid off from hands-on labor at companies that were forced to shut down or drastically reduce their numbers.

Remote Work

One basic requirement for remote work is unquestionably a good internet connection. The Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, Arizona offers high speed internet to enable you to work from the comfort of your RV. If you are a licensed professional, like a physician or nurse, you can set up a telehealth practice. If you work in several other areas, such as web design, graphic design, video editing, strong, reliable internet is your lifeline for your ability to earn remotely.

Online Teaching

Online teaching has exploded this year. The demand is high and opportunities are plentiful. In addition to traditional teaching opportunities for schools from the elementary through college level, there are several well-established companies that hire American teachers to teach foreign students English online.

Selling Handmade Items

If you are a skilled craftsman, you can hang a shingle outside your RV and set up shop at each trailer park you visit. You may also have a schedule of local fairs or craft shows that you attend and sell at while you are in the area. You can set up an Etsy shop online. For a broader, non-handmade line of products, you can also sell on Ebay. If the items you sell are small, as in essential oils, you could easily maintain a good supply with you.

If you sell items that take up more space, you could consider selling them on Amazon (Amazon FBA) where your products are stored at an Amazon warehouse, featured on the Amazon website, and when items sell, Amazon handles the payments and the shipping. They pay themselves a handling fee and deposit the rest of the earnings in your account.

Personal Services

Another way to make money on the road is to offer your professional services such as hairdresser, aesthetician, or nails. Mechanics who works on cars and RVs, and

general handymen can receive a steady stream of business as those skills are usually in high demand and fellow travelers can be an ongoing stream of clientele. If you stay in place for a while, word of mouth or a small ad in the local paper can make your presence known. You will most likely be welcomed to leave your business cards at the RV camp’s rental office.

Rent your Homestead

If you are RV’ing full time and still have a homestead, you could consider renting out your home or setting it up as an AirBnB as a way to cover your mortgage payments and reduce your nomadic income requirements.

Seasonal Work

Did you know that Amazon has a special niche of jobs called Amazon Camperforce? Camperforce is for mobile RVers who work seasonal assignments at Amazon facilities. One could also find seasonal work at Amusement Parks which can be a fun environment to work in. It seems like now more than ever, remote work has become so mainstream and the opportunities are vast and varied. It is great to maximize opportunities and take advantage to earn money with skills you already possess or find seasonal work near your RV campsite. The Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, Arizona has moderate weather all year round to set up camp and has many nearby towns that may offer seasonal work. Making money while RV’ing is living the dream for many full time RVers.

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