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Throwing in the Towel: An Unexpected RV Life Hack to Make Packing Easier

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Ah. Spring is blooming. Summer beckons from the horizon. While many RV travelers are looking forward to getting back out on the road again to enjoy the wide open vistas of places like Kingman, Arizona, there’s one thing many travelers would rather avoid… packing. Even with the amenities and convenience well-appointed campgrounds like Zuni Village RV Park offer, the wise traveler knows a properly packed RV ensures a worry-free vacation, but all the lists and organization can make you run out of gas before you even start your RV’s engine! Don’t throw in the towel just yet as we offer ten creative uses for one simple item that will make packing for your next trip a breeze.
K.I.S.S. Packing Problems Goodbye
There’s something to be said for the old adage “keep it simple, silly.” What if we told you there was one easy item you could include on your packing list that could perform seven different functions saving both time and space on your next RV trip? No, it’s not the latest gadget from the Sharper Image catalog and doesn’t require a degree from MIT to operate. You can simplify your packing with just a towel—a Turkish towel.Often called fouta towels or hammam towels, these aren’t your everyday terrycloth rectangles. The rather long fibers of these particular towels, composed of Turkish cotton, tend to be stronger and more durable than the average bath towel making them an excellent durable option for travel, drying quickly and becoming increasingly absorbent with every wash. Their thin composition eliminates the need for large storage space and comes in an infinite variety of colors and patterns to coordinate with any RV or home décor.  1. Bath Towel

It goes without saying that the most practical use for a Turkish towel is, well, a towel. Dry off after a refreshing swim in Zuni Village RV’s sparkling pool or after a thrilling day white water rafting at the Grand Canyon. Your absorbent Turkish towel will wick away the water in no time.

2. Tablecloth

Another of the many convenient amenities offered by Zuni Village RV Park are picnic tables so you and your family can enjoy dining al fresco under the wide-open Arizona sky. Celebrating a special occasion? Use your Turkish towel as a beautiful woven tablecloth and add even more beauty to your dining experience.

3. Picnic Basket/Blanket

One of the great features of camping in Kingman, Arizona and its surrounding areas is the ample opportunity to enjoy casual picnics in natural settings. Pack up a light lunch of sandwiches and chips in your Turkish towel then use it as a convenient spot to sit and munch as you enjoy Arizona’s flora and fauna.

4. Shade

Hiking and exploring the Arizona desert landscape often makes many travelers’ top ten to-do lists when visiting the Grand Canyon State, but the beautiful yet arid landscape doesn’t boast many tall, shady trees. No worries for the wise hiker who’s packed their Turkish towel. Beat the heat by using it as a sun- shade and stay cool in the desert heat.

5. Umbrella

Even the arid Arizona desert gets its fair share of sudden showers. Whip out your woven Turkish towel and stay dry as you seek shelter from the abrupt “rain bombs” known to hit the area during the spring season.

6. Yoga Mat

Are you a traveler who loves to include a Sun Salutation in their morning routine? Forget the bulky yoga mat. Unfurl your Turkish towel and you have a perfect place to greet the day.

7. Blanket

There’s so much to see and do in Arizona, you’re sure to be ready to hit the hay each night, but evening temperatures in the desert drop quickly when the sun goes down. Fend off chills by wrapping yourself in a comfy Turkish towel cocoon.

There you have it—seven creative uses for one simple item, the Turkish towel and it rolls up neat and compact to save space for friends and family to share your adventures. So, the next time you plan to motor west toward Kingman, Arizona and the Zuni Village RV Park, don’t fret over packing. Just pack a handy Turkish towel instead. For the most useful camping item, it’s a dead “wringer.”

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