Tips for Staying Cool in Your RV in Arizona:

“Yes, But It’s a Dry Heat!”

Ah.  The open road.  If you’re one of the thousands whose heart is only happy with the hum of radials singing along a ribbon of asphalt, who gets their kicks along routes like sixty-six, and who can tell you the best road-side diner to pick up a cup of gourmet coffee with mesquite honey and a lip-smacking slice of banana-cream pie, then in your heart, you’re likely an RVer. But if you’ve ever actually travelled through The Grand Canyon State, especially in the summer months, you may find yourself more awestruck at the climbing mercury than with all the incredible sights and natural wonders Arizona has to offer. 

But it’s a dry heat, they say.

Let’s face it…it’s hot. But so are these RV summer travel tips to help you stay so cool the T-Birds will be jealous and make sure you stay comfortable in extreme temperatures when you’re looking for perfect campground in Kingman, Arizona.

Back to Basics

Now, Casablanca may be far removed from Arizona, but they are both warm, arid climates.  As singer-actor Dooley Wilson suggests in the Casablanca theme song “the fundamental things apply.”

There are basic concepts that every conscientious RV owner should keep in mind when staying cool in your RV. 

  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • Nighttime temperatures will drop, especially in the desert.
  • Circulating air cools; stagnant air stays hot and sticky.
  • Shade will always be several degrees cooler than spaces in direct sunlight.
  • Heat rises.  Cold sinks.

Keeping this in mind, the clever motorhome owner can keep their cool by being hyper aware of securing a shady campground location for their RV like many of the pull-thru sites available at Zuni Village RV Campground, one of the best Kingman, Arizona RV parks.  Another good idea is to screen windows with expected sun exposure and set up their awnings to the east or west side depending on which time of day you expect to be sitting outside soaking up the natural ambience.  It’s difficult for rooftop air conditioning units to keep up with the monumental task of cooling large cabin homes. Help your unit out by positioning your home so that ceiling fans will pull in cool air and not hot and consider opening windows to allow air to circulate.

Now We’re Cooking!!!

Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it’s time to consider other tips and tricks to help keep the mercury from rising.  One of those tips is to cook outdoors. There are many viable options for becoming an al fresco artiste!  To keep the heat out of the RV, there’s always the option to use a solar oven.  Grills for use outdoors, whether self-contained or designed for use with fire pits are always an excellent option.  Some BBQ grill brands are even designed to be compatible with your onboard propane so additional gear is not needed.  But don’t worry, if you find yourself in need of propane, the Zuni Village RV Campground always has some readily on hand for sale.

To stay at the Zuni Village RV Park, click here, or call 928-692-6202 for reservations.

Tips for Staying Cool in Your RV in Arizona
Tips for Staying Cool in Your RV in Arizona
Learn tips for staying cool in your RV in Arizona! Take advantage of the southwest weather at Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, AZ
Zuni RV Park
Zuni Village RV Park
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