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Vanquishing The Virus: How To Ready Your RV For The Pandemic

zuni rv park rving with kids

With minimal preparation, safe RV travel during the Coronavirus shouldn’t feel much different than any other day on the road. In fact, RVs are one of the safest ways to travel during this pandemic. Zuni Village RV Park has been covid-cleaned, is socially-distanced staffed, and ready to receive you. Here are some tips and tricks to help you vanquish the virus:

Don’t Believe The Hype
There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about the Coronavirus. The most responsible thing you can do, both for yourself and others, is educate yourself on the facts and get your information from reliable sources such as the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) or a major news organization such as CNN or The New York Times. Not every piece of “news” you read on the internet stands up to the standards of responsible journalism. Learn to spot headlines that are overdramatizing something simple or untrue, and simply move on.

Safe At Home vs. Safe On The Road
Much of the US is under a Stay At Home order, mandating that people stay inside except for those going to essential jobs (like doctors) or doing essential tasks (like grocery shopping). But what if your home is on wheels? You’re still safest at home in your own space, but luckily, you get to decide where that is today.
RV travel is much safer than traveling by plane, bus, or train right now. Not only do you avoid passing through a public space like an airport or train station, but you don’t have to spend hours sitting next to a stranger who may or may not be as diligent about washing their hands as you are. If you must travel, do it responsibly and respectfully, and do it in an RV.

Cleanliness is Key
Keeping your RV safe from Covid-19 is simple— many of the recommended preventative measures are things you already do. For example, washing clothes and linens with soap and warm water is enough to kill any of the virus that might have found its way inside. Take your germ-busting one step further by remembering not to shake linens, which can dislodge droplet particles. Instead, as you change bed linens, fold used sheets in on themselves and quickly get to a laundry bag or washing machine.
Wipe your hard surfaces down with soap and water first, removing any visible debris. Follow it up with a generous swipe of a bleach or alcohol solution (over 70% alcohol is most effective). For porous surfaces like rugs, vacuum them well or launder them if possible.
Identify “high touch” surfaces in your RV: doorknobs, counters, handles. Sanitize these at least once daily. Don’t forget about your personal belongings, too: keys, phones, and glasses can be culprits from bringing germs from the outside in and vice versa.

A Rainbow Of Reactions
If you choose to hit the road right now, be prepared for the range of reactions you will encounter along the way. Regulations, infection rates, and politics vary greatly from state to state (and week to week). Some folks may be extremely nervous about the health and safety of themselves or loved ones, which may make them cautious beyond current recommendations. Others may feel strong and healthy, acting like the rules don’t apply to them. Many folks are having an emotionally tough time with the loss of income, uncertainty, and fear that this time brings. No matter who you encounter, pack your patience: we could all use some extra compassion at a time like this.

Accessorize Wisely
Traveling in an RV means that you’ll be fairly self-contained, ideally stepping out only for gas, groceries, and recreation. At the gas station and grocery store, use gloves when touching surfaces that you share with others and wear a mask or face covering (a simple bandanna will do). Keep hand sanitizer on hand (pun intended) for moments when you’re away from a sink. When hiking, biking, or walking, maintain proper social distancing by staying at least six feet away from others. And, this should go without saying: make sure to wash your hands.

The Golden Rule
Most importantly, stay home if you’re sick. If that means self-quarantining in your RV, great. If that means postponing a trip to another time, do it. It may be disappointing, but the Grand Canyon will be just as Grand next summer, and our beautiful RV park in Kingman, AZ will be too.

Roll Responsibly
Covid-19 may have spoiled many people’s vacation plans, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a self-contained vacation home on wheels. If you’re in good health and are adhering to all state and local safety regulations, there’s no reason why you can’t practice safe RV travel during the Coronavirus.

When you’re ready to venture down historic Route 66, visit us at Zuni Village RV Park. Our location in Kingman, AZ is centrally located near Grand Canyon National Park, Las Vegas, Sedona, and much more. Explore zuniRVpark.com or call 928-692-6202 to make a reservation.

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